Symposiums Current Season

Symposium 123-RESTORATION


8 and 9 October 2017

  • James Taylor, tenor • Robert Mealy and Beth Wenstrom, violins
  • Beiliang Zhu, viola da gamba • John Lenti, theorbo and guitar
  • Avi Stein, harpsichord and organ

Music from the English Restoration by Purcell, Blow, and Locke 

Symposium 124-SOLITAIRE


10 and 11 December 2017

  • Katie Hyun, violin
  • Beiliang Zhu, cello

Unaccompanied works by Bach, Ysaÿe, and Reger



25 and 26 February 2018

  • Aisslinn Nosky and Julia Wedman, violins
  • Hanna Collins, cello and Lucas Harris, theorbo
  • Avi Stein, harpsichord and organ

The dazzling violin repertoire of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, with works by Georg Böhm, Johann Jakob Froberger, and Johann Rosenmüller. 

Curious inventions, extravagant caprices, bizarrenesses, ideas, harmonic artifices – Such marvelous titles given to books of violin music herald what was referred to as the fantastic style. 

The composer whose flights of fancy stretched the instrument to the outermost edges of its reach was surely Heinrich Ignaz von Biber.  This is virtuoso music whose aim is “to please, to overtake and to astonish.”



22 and 23 April 2018

  • Krista Bennion Feeney and Daniel Phillips, violins
  • Jessica Troy, viola
  • Myron Lutzke and Loretta O'Sullivan, cellos

String Quintets by Franz Schubert and George Onslow

The string quintet stands as a sonorous and dusky rarity in comparison to its illustrious relative, the string quartet.  

QUINT ESSENTIAL presents Schubert’s matchless masterpiece of this unique genre alongside one of the works that may have inspired its creation by Schubert’s contemporary, George Onslow.