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Symposium 29 - Enoch Arden

27 February 1994

Enoch Arden



    Schlaflos!—Frage und Antwort (1883)
    En rêve (1885)
    Funerailles (1849)
    Valse Oubliée, no. 1 (1881)
    Bagatelle sans Tonalité (1885)
    R.W.-Venezia (1883)
    Isoldes Liebestod (1865, rev. 1875)


    Franz Liszt

  • Enoch Arden, Op 38 (1897)

    Melodrama for speaker and piano
    Text by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)


    Richard Strauss



    We wish to express our gratitude to Helicon’s Members
    whose support has made possible the events of this our ninth season:

    Leslie Armstrong, Mrs. F. Henry Berlin, Dorianne Beyer, Nancy Cardozo,
    Marianne Carroll and Michael Hanes, Octavio Ciano, James M. Cornacchia, Edmond & Yvette Cotty, Philip and Gloria Cowen, Ian Danic, Nahum Daniels, V. Edward Dent, Edward K. Dunham, M.D.,
    Joan Easton, Judith Levin, Timothy Harwood, Franklin Heller & Christian Steiner, Louise Hodgson, Craig Logan Jackson, Beverley Peck Johnson, Pat & Paul Kaplan, Paula Konikoff, Ernest Levenstein, Robert M. Light, Peter C. Lombardo M.D., Stephen Magowan, Martin M. Mandel, M.D.,
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    Pamela Drexel Walker, Dianne & Bob Whitecotton, and Joanne Witty & Eugene J. Keilin

    And to our other benefactors whose help has been so meaningful:
    Robert Campbell, Cesare Santeramo, James & Diane Lyon, and William Hibsher


Special Thanks

    Helicon is deeply grateful to the estate of
    Gladys Kriebel Delmas
    for its assistance in sponsoring this 29th Symposium,
    and to Mr. Peter Helm for the loan of his
    1887 Steinway piano.