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Symposium 5 - Beethoven & Thomas Sokolowski

26 October 1986

The Smithson Quartet Plays Beethoven
Hosted by Thomas Sokolowski


  • I. Introduction: Thomas W. Sokolowski

  • II. Ludwig van Beethoven

    Quartet for Strings in F-Major, op. 18, No. 1 (1798-1800)
         Allegro con brio
         Adagio affettusoso ed appassionato
         Scherzo: Allegro molto


  • III. Ludwig van Beethoven

    Quartet for Strings in F Major, op. 59, No. 1 (1806)
         Allegro Allegretto vivace e sempre scherzando
         Adagio molto e mesto
         Theme russe—Allegro


Board of Directors

    Albert Fuller, President
    Ernest Levenstein, Treasurer
    William A. Simon, Secretary
    Franklin Heller
    Zoltan Ovary, M.D.
    Gregory B. Smith
    Miss Alice Tully

Advisory Committee

    Leslie Armstrong, AIA
    Robert E. Armstrong
    Moy Eng
    Jere T. Farrah
    Catherine Gevers
    Mark Golderman
    William Gudenrath
    Craig Logan Jackson
    Robert M. Light
    Charles Lockwood
    Sherman S. Pazner, M.D.
    Patrick Rucker
    David F. Sanders
    Richard Schemm
    Thomas Sokolowsky
    Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D.


    We wish to thank Ernest W. Levenstein who, as host of the Fifth Symposium, has graciously underwritten its presentation.

    We also wish to thank those whose generosity made possible our first season and the first Helicon recording in June, 1986 as well as those who have helped launch our second season:

    American Express Foundation
    Mr. Robert E. Armstrong
    Mr. Richard Bennett
    Mrs. F. Henry Berlin
    Ms. Dorianne Beyer
    Dr. and Mrs. Barry Brook
    Mr. Bob Combs
    Mr. J. Douglas Cox
    Mr. Hughes Cuenod
    Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Delmas
    Mr. V. Edward Dent
    Mr. Jere T. Farrah
    Mr. Lloyd Fischel
    Mr. Mark Golderman
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    Mr. and Mrs. Carey Plotkin
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    Mr. David F. Sanders
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    Mr. Irwin Scherzer
    Dr. Lloyd H. Schloen
    Mr. Mark Schubin
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Simon
    Mrs. William A. Simon, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Simon
    Mr. Gregory B. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Spencer
    Mr. Christian Steiner
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Thaw
    Ms. Elaine Thornburgh
    Miss Alice Tully
    James Ty, M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weihman
    Dr. and Mrs. Marc Weksler
    Mr. Robert White
    Mrs. Elanor Williamson
    Dr. Susan Zolla-Pazner

Special Thanks

    Marianne Carroll
    Jere Farrah
    David Friddle
    Mark Golderman
    Michael Hesse
    Craig Logan Jackson
    David Sanders
    Jorg Schwartz
    Thomas Sokolowski