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Symposium 52 - Chamber Music by Film Composers

19 December 1999



  • Love Music from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde (1947)
    Franz Waxman

  • Trio for Clarinet, ‘Cello and Piano (1973)

    Allegro molto


    Nino Rota

  • Trio for Violin, ‘Cello and Piano, Op. 1 (1909)

    Allegro non troppo, con espressione
    SCHERZO: Allegro
    LARGHETTO: Sehr langsam
    FINALE: Allegro molto e energico


    Erich Wolfgang Korngold



    We wish to express our gratitude to Helicon’s Members
    whose support has made possible the events of this, our fifteenth anniversary season:

    Directors Circle

    Joan K. Easton, Zoltan Ovary, M.D.

    Sponsoring Members
    Lisa and Paul Welch

    Sustaining Members
    Gail S. and Ernst R. Habicht, Jr., Timothy B. Harwood, Jeanne and David Martowski, David S. Moyer

    Contributing Members
    Nancy Cardozo Cowles, V. Edward Dent, Franklin Heller and Christian Steiner, Louise Hodgson, Bob and Diana Mattson,
    Karen McLaughlin and Mark Schubin, and Joanne Witty and Eugene J. Keilin

    Patty Otis Abel and Dennis R. Reiff, Leslie Armstrong, AIA, Cynthia Bolt, Pamela Drexel,
    Geraldine C. Ford, Sarah O.H. Johnson and Keith Lubell, Dina George Khoury and Nick Khoury, Valerie Lichman,
    Peter C. Lombardo, M.D., Sarah G. Miles, Howard Ratech, M.D., Susan W. Rose, Irwin S. Scherzer, Laura Schoen,
    Joe and Ann Scozzafava, Linda Grass Shapiro, Carol and Gerard Silverman, Arlene and Bruce Simon, William and Lavinia Simon, Jason Starr and Dr. Catherine Keller, Ruth Turner, Dianne and Bob Whitecotton,
    and Drs. Susan Zolla-Pazner and Sherman Pazner

    Ameritech Corporation, Sir Robert J. Campbell, M.D., KSJ and Sir Cesare L. Santeramo, KSJ,
    Edward K. Dunham, M.D., and Peter Yarrow

    Albert Fuller, President and Artistic Director, Franklin Heller, Treasurer, William A. Simon, Secretary,
    Pamela Drexel, Joan K. Easton, Michael C. Hanes, Timothy B. Harwood, David S. Moyer, Zoltan Ovary, M.D., Patrick Rucker

    Advisory Committee
    Leslie Armstrong, AIA, Abbe Aronson, Dorianne Beyer, James M. Cornacchia, Marianne Carroll, Jere T. Farrah,
    Mark Golderman, Randolph Harrison, Robert M. Light, Karen McLaughlin, Sherman S. Pazner, M.D., Richard Schemm,
    Thomas Sokolowski, Barry Wacksman, Lisa Welch, Dianne Whitecotton, Bob Whitecotton, Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D.

    Craig Logan Jackson†, Gregory B. Smith†, Miss Alice Tully†

    James R. Roe, Executive Director

Special Thanks

    For their assistance with this 52nd Symposium, Helicon is deeply grateful to the estate of Gladys Krieble Delmas,
    The Alice Tully Foundation, Peter Helm for the loan of his 1887 New York Steinway piano,
    and to Nina Rota and John Waxman for their assistance in obtaining the scores to their fathers’ music.