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14 December 1986


    Prelude - Appetizer
    Mark Schubin 

    An Illustrated Description of Slide Projection from its Origin in the Magic Lantern through to the Present Computerized Age

    Mark Schubin is a three-time Emmy Award winning engineer, writer, teacher and historian of the moving image media. As an engineer, he was responsible for developing the techniques that made possible such television series as "Live from Lincoln Center" and "Live from the Met". He has been responsible for a number of "firsts" in television and communications technology--among them the first nationwide live stereo simulcast network and the first live international stereo simulcast (NBC's "Horowitz: Live!" in 1978) for which he was awarded an Emmy. 


    Albert Fuller

    A Multi-Slide Presentation with music and Narration

    This visual essay on the personality of Thomas Jefferson was composed to topen the Sixth Aston Magna Academy of 1983 -- "European and America Arts in the Age of Revolution: ca. 1770-1800" -- sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Much of the special photography and research necessary for the preparation of this essay were carried out at the invitation of James A. Bear Jr., Curator and Director of Monticello. The invitations to visit Poplar Forest and other relevant sites were arranged at the suggestion and with the kind assistance of William Howard Adams. 

    This presentation was later given as the Mabel Brown Memorial Lecture at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia in October, 1983. One of the Helicon Foundation's goals is to bring this essay, and its companion, "Versailles: The Reign of Fame", to a broad, national audience. 

    Mark Golderman, artist/photographer, has created especially for this purpose the greater part of the images projected here. His photographs were conceived to reflect the emblematic and psychological context of the subject matter and to be propulsive, communicative art works in their own right. 


Board of Directors

    Albert Fuller, President
    Ernest Levenstein, Treasurer
    William A. Simon, Secretary
    Franklin Heller
    Zoltan Ovary, M.D.
    Gregory B. Smith
    Miss Alice Tully

Advisory Committee

    Leslie Armstrong, AIA
    Robert E. Armstrong
    Moy Eng
    Jere T. Farrah
    Catherine Gevers
    Mark Golderman
    William Gudenrath
    Craig Logan Jackson
    Robert M. Light
    Charles Lockwood
    Sherman S. Pazner, M.D.
    Patrick Rucker
    David F. Sanders
    Richard Schemm
    Thomas Sokolowsky
    Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D.


    We are grateful to the following friends whose generosity has helped to create Helicons secon season of symposiums:

    Ms. Leslie Armstrong
    Mr. Richard Bennett
    Mrs. F. Henry Berlin
    Mr. Murph Brown
    J.P. and Gladys Delmas
    Mr. V. Edward Dent
    Mr. Octavio Feliciano
    Mr. Albert Fuller
    Mr. Mark Golderman
    Mr. William Gudenrath
    Mr. Franklin Heller
    Maurice and Peggy Kahn
    Pat and Paul Kaplan
    Mr. Ernest Levenstein
    Mr. Stephen Magowan
    Mr. Tom Margittai
    Dr. Mary O'Sullivan
    Dr. Zoltan Ovary
    Dr. Susan Zola-Pazner and Dr. Sherman Pazner
    Mr. Jack Pidgeon
    Mr. and Mrs. Cary Plotkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jan Pokorny
    Mr. Brooks Shephard, Jr.
    Dr. Robert A. Silver
    Lavinia and William Simon
    Mrs. Mary Louise Simon
    Mr. Gregory B. Smith
    Mr. Hoyt Spelman
    Mr. Kirk Van Tassel
    The Eugene and Clare Thaw Charitable Trust
    Miss Alice Tully
    Dr. James Ty, Jr.

Special Thanks

    Marianne Carroll
    Jerry Farrah
    David Friddle
    Mark Goldman
    Craig Logan Jackson
    David Sanders
    Mark Schubin
    Thomas W. Sokolowski.