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Symposium 7 - Musical Affect

7 April 1987

Musical "Affect" from Couperin to Beethoven


  • Premier Concert



    Francois Couperin

  • Sonata No. X



    Heinrich Franz Biber

  • Troisieme Suite

    Courante Gigue


    Jacques Hotteterre
    ? - c. 1761

  • Sonata in E minor

    (Prelude) Adagio ma non tanto Allemanda Gigue


    Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Sonata in B flat K. 292



    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Variations on "La ci darem la mano"

    from Don Giovanni of Mozart


    Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Sonata in G minor



    Johann Dismas Zelenka


Board of Directors

    Albert Fuller, President
    Ernest Levenstein, Treasurer
    William A. Simon, Secretary
    Franklin Heller
    Zoltan Ovary, M.D.
    Gregory B. Smith
    Miss Alice Tully

Advisory Committee

    Leslie Armstrong, AIA
    Robert E. Armstrong
    Moy Eng
    Jere T. Farrah
    Catherine Gevers
    Mark Golderman
    William Gudenrath
    Craig Logan Jackson
    Robert M. Light
    Charles Lockwood
    Sherman S. Pazner, M.D.
    Patrick Rucker
    David F. Sanders
    Richard Schemm
    Thomas Sokolowsky
    Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D.


    We wish to thank Ernest W. Levenstein who, as host of the Seventh Symposium, has graciously underwritten its presentation.

    We also wish to thank those whose generosity has helped to create Helicon's second season of symposiums:

    Ms. Leslie Armstrong
    Mr. Richard Bennett
    Mrs. F. Henry Brown
    The Chase Manhattan Bank
    Mr. Hugues Cuenod
    J.P. and Gladys Delmas
    Mr. V. Edward Dent
    Ms. Moy Eng
    Mr. Jere T. Farrah
    Mr. Octavio Feliciano
    Mr. Albert Fuller
    Mr. Jorge Garcia 
    Mr. Mark Golderman
    Mr. William Gudenrath
    Mr. Franklin Heller
    Mr. Craig Logan Jackson
    Maurice and Peggy Kahn
    Pat and Paul Kaplan
    Mr. Robert M. Light
    Mr. Ernest Levenstein
    Mr. Stephen Magowan
    Mr. Tom Margittai
    Ms. Karen McLauglin
    Dr. Mary O'Sullivan
    Mr. Donald Outerbridge
    Dr. Zoltan Ovary
    Dr. Susan Zola-Pazner and Dr. Sherman Pazner
    Mr. Jack Pidgeon
    Mr. and Mrs. Cary Plotkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jan Pokorny
    Mr. Eric Roper
    Mr. Richard Schemm
    Dr. Lloyd Schloen
    Mr. Mark Schubin
    Mr. Brooks Shepard, Jr.
    Dr. Robert A. Silver
    Lavinia and William Simon
    Mr. Gregory B. Smith
    Mr. Hoyt Spelman
    Mr. Kirk Van Tassel
    The Eugene and Clare Thaw Charitable Trust
    Miss Alice Tully
    Dr. James and Mrs. Guy Walton
    Dr. and Mrs. Marc Weksler

Special Thanks

    Marianne Carroll
    Dennis Godburn
    Mark Golderman
    Dr. Randolf Harrison
    Patrick Rucker
    Marc Schachman