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Symposium 9 - Le Parnasse ou L’Apothéose de Corelli

6 December 1987

LE PARNASSE ou L'Apothéose de Corelli


  • Three Pieces from Book I, Suite No. 2 (1686)

    Allemande and Double


    Marin Marais

  • Grande Sonade en Trio

    "Le Parnasse, ou L'Apothéose de Corelli"


    François Couperin

  • Passacaglia for solo violin (?1674)
    Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

  • "Mystery" Sonatas (?1674)

    The Annunciation
    The Visitation



  • Trio Sonata in C Major for two violins and continuo

    Alla breve


    Johann Sebastian Bach


Board of Directors

    Albert Fuller, President
    Ernest Levenstein, Treasurer
    William A. Simon, Secretary
    Franklin Heller
    Zoltan Ovary, M.D.
    Gregory B. Smith
    Miss Alice Tully

Advisory Committee


    Leslie Armstrong, AIA
    Robert E. Armstrong
    Moy Eng
    Jere T. Farrah
    Catherine Gevers
    Mark Golderman
    William Gudenrath

    Alan Hale

    Randolph Harrison
    Craig Logan Jackson
    Robert M. Light
    Charles Lockwood
    Sherman S. Pazner, M.D.
    Patrick Rucker
    David F. Sanders
    Richard Schemm
    Thomas Sokolowsky
    Susan Zolla-Pazner, Ph.D.


    We wish to express our gratitude to the Members

    who have underwritten Helicon's third season of Symposiums:


    Mrs. F. Henry Berlin, James Ty, M.D. and Murph Brown,

    Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Delmas, V. Edward Dent, Octavio Feliciano,

    Pat and Paul Kaplan, Paula Konikoff, Ernest Levenstein,

    Robert M. Light, Peter C. Lombardo,M.D., Tom Margittai,

    Stephen C.Magowan, Zoltan Ovary, M.D., Susan Zolla and Sherman Pazner, Karen McLaughlin and Mark Schubin, Arlene and Bruce Simon, Lavinia and William Simon, Robert Silver, M.D.,

    Barbara and Inge Skjelfjord, Gregory B. Smith,

    Virginia and Edwin Steffe, Christian Steiner, Clare and Eugene Thaw,

    Beryl and Lewis Thomas, M.D. and Miss Alice Tully

Special Thanks

    Leslie Armstrong, Richard Bennett, Moy Eng Godburn, Mark Golderman, Stephen T. Gass, William Gudenrath, Wm. Randolph Harrison, Peggy and Maurice Kahn, Donald Outerbridge, Babette and Marc Weksler