Jacob Ashworth Violin

Helicon Performances

Symposium 116 - A Chopin Salon

Jacob Ashworth founded Cantata Profana in 2013 and serves as violinist, conductor, and artistic director of the ensemble, as well as Music Director of Heartbeat Opera.  A performer of all styles, Jacob has been praised by the NY Times as a baroque violinist for his “diligent attention to period style,” while other recent highlights range from a recital of the complete Brahms sonatas to a staged production of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire at the Yale Cabaret, a tour in Mexico to premiere his commission of Francisco Ladrón de Guevara’s Variations for Solo Violin, and conducting the premiere of Daniel Schlosberg’s opera Frau Trude.  Performances as a duo with pianist Lee Dionne have recently included the premiere of Susan Kander’s Hermestänze, a cycle for violin and piano which Jacob also commissioned.