The Atlantis Trio Ensemble

Helicon Performances

Symposium 28 - The Atlantis Ensemble

The Atlantis Trio, comprising Jaap Schröder (violin), Penelope Crawford (fortepiano) and Enid Sutherland (cello), specializes in the classical and romantic piano trio literature on period instruments. It has performed widely throughout North America, including concerts at the Smithsonian’s and the Westfield Center’s co-sponsored festival Schubert’s Piano Music in Washington D. C., the Haydn Festival in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Helicon series in New York City, the Schubert Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as numerous live broadcasts on National Public Radio. For Musica Omnia the Atlantis Trio and the augmented Atlantis Ensemble are engaged in a major project documenting the great Romantic chamber works for piano and strings, including all the major works in this genre by Schumann, Schubert, Thalberg, Hummel, Clara Schumann & Fanny Mendelssohn. The Atlantis Trio and Atlantis Ensemble are also involved in a series of recordings of the complete chamber works for piano and strings by Felix Mendelssohn, in honour of that composer’s upcoming bicentennial in 2009.